Güzel Awards are just a fan-created award for us fans, completely for the fun of doing so.

Other than determining which fandom comes out on top in the end, there is no physical accolade to be “won” in the end.

The winning shows, actors and actresses will just be receiving critical acclaim for being known around the world enough to be voted to win.

We will not tolerate any rude or hostile before towards the other fans as well as us here at guzelawards.com/dizilah.com!

Additionally, any attempts to manipulate the end results of the voting process will not be tolerated and will be handled accordingly

We encourage everyone who participates in the voting process to have fun with it, as we did creating it for you.

Voting will close June 13, 2019 at 11:59PM (Istanbul Time).

Have fun voting!

Dizilah Team